NPI Files

Important Information:
    Starting December 09, 2019 the format of the Data File, which is part of the zipped NPPES Downloadable file, will change. A new column, the NPI Certification Date, will be added to the end of the file.

    The NPI Certification Date will be defined as a 10 character DATE with the format of MM/DD/YYYY and will be the last column in the Data File.

    CMS is pleased to announce that the full replacement monthly NPI File (also referred to as the NPPES Downloadable File) has now been revised to include deactivated NPIs and the date of deactivation within the file.

    The deactivated NPIs in the file can be displayed by filtering on the column name "NPI Deactivation Date". In addition, CMS will also make available a weekly incremental NPI file and a full replacement monthly NPI deactivation file. Please read the announcement found on the CMS NPI Data Dissemination page at regarding these files.

    Starting June 18, 2018, the zipped NPPES Downloadable file will also include the following 3 new reference files:

    1. Other Name Reference File - this file contains additional Other Names associated with Type 2 NPIs
    2. Practice Location Reference File - this file contains all of the non-primary Practice Locations associated with Type 1 and Type 2 NPIs
    3. Endpoint Reference File - this file contains all Endpoints associated with Type 1 and Type 2 NPIs.

    Detailed information about the NPI files is included in the Data Dissemination File - Readme file.

If you have any questions contact CMS at

Full Replacement Monthly NPI File
  • NPPES Data Dissemination (January 14, 2020) - ZIP format (718 MB)

  • Beginning with the May 2008 file, the size of the .csv Header File increased because we added Authorized Official data elements to it that were inadvertently not previously included. As a result of the larger size, the .csv Header File can no longer be opened in Excel. Even so, the .csv Header File is small enough to be opened by a simple text editor like Notepad. As always, the .csv data file must be opened with a text editor capable of opening large files. Two examples are TextPad and UltraEdit.

    The data dissemination file exceeds 4 GB. Older file compression utilities may not be able to extract this file properly. Please check your file compression utility for any known problems and the latest version in order to avoid any problems extracting this file. Utilities, such as WinZip and 7-zip, have been successful in extracting the file.

Full Replacement Monthly NPI Deactivation File
Weekly Incremental NPI Files